Why this Blog for.

This blog is for learning technical analysis with stocks traded in Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. Bangladesh. Not all, only playing well stocks are taken as example, no matter up or down. Though preference has been given to profitable ones. You can consult and suggest for others.

How you can be benefited

Best effort has been given to accommodate in groups on trend and stock categories.

Grouped on sectors:
Bank, Cement, Ceramics, Engineering, Food & Allied, Fuel & Power, Lease & Finance, Miscellaneous, Paper, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Tannery, Telecom, Textiles, Travel & Leisure,

You can find your stock by opening a stock from the menu on the right or by group / sector from the menu on the left.


Red line - Resistance
Green Line - Support  
(all Fibonacci levels are support and resistance as well, or may be considered as target)
Arrow: Direction is the trend and length is the possible highest / lowest target as per identified pattern in the analysis.

About the author:

Mizanur Rahman Sharif

Mizanur Rahman Sharif, worked in the British High Commission, ICDDR'B, World Bank,  DPHE as an IT Expert. Author of many IT Systems. Started stock trading and forex since 2009.
He is author of following blogs:

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